saefNotice from SAEF to all Riders and Horse owners

We are now embarking on the process of verification of all identification information, contact details
(undelivered mails), guardians of minors and horse passport information we have not yet received, or

requested, due to the backlog we experienced during August and September.  We also have 81 registered

members who have not nominated their primary clubs.  These are all in Gauteng and Western Cape.

For this process, and for any registrations going forth, we would need the following information to be sent
to either or fax no 086 543 7219:

Sportsperson :
1: A copy of the ID passport of the rider/official/owner
2: Where forms were signed on behalf of a minor, then the birth certificate of the minor and a copy
of the ID of the legal guardian.
3: Form may only be signed by the rider self, or the legal guardian.
4: Proof of the POP must be attached to the submission in new registrations. We cannot process any
registrations without a POP therewith (not sent from the bank), as this has presented problems to link
payments to registrations.  (We are also busy confirming payments for many registered members who
were part of batch payments).

Horse Registrations :
1.  Copy of ID of the owner
2.  Copy of owner’s page  of passport
3.  Copy of ID page of passport – The name of the horse on the reg form must be exactly the same as the
name in the passport
4.  Copy of valid height certificates or valid Life HC issued before 31 July 2012 – where applicable for
horses, and compulsory for all ponies. (CRITICAL AND URGENT)
5.  Form must be signed by the owner(s) whose ID’s are attached  as owner ID 6.  Horse Owner must be registered with the SAEF as either owner or rider or official – if not, this causes
long delays and the norse cannot be registered, and may not compete – this is an FEI and SAEF
requirement  (80% of all queries still not yet resolved, is due to this)
7.  Proof of the POP must be attached to the submission.  We cannot process any registrations without a
POP, as above.

The above documentation must please be submitted as a whole to expedite new registrations, and
verification of current registrations.  Please also note that the following forms have been revised and
new forms (pdf and word/excel formats) will be uploaded to our website – www. –  later today:
1.Sportsperson Registration Form
2.Horse Registration Form
3.Change of Sportspersons Registration Details
4.Change of Horse Ownership Form

The following interim process is in place of the issue of horse passports, until the system has been finalized
by the SAEF Council later in the month :

1.Email or fax to be sent to or fax no. 086 226 9164 requesting a passport. The email
must  contain the horse name, the date of birth, the proof of current ownership and particulars of
person/company to be invoiced, and postal address for the passports.
2.SAEF will then issue an invoice for the passport and mail costs.
3.On receipt of payment SAEF will post the passport, by the method of choice, to the address indicated in
the request.  The SAEF will keep a register of all such passports distributed.
4.The owner must then arrange for the horse to be identified, vaccination history completed, and where
applicable a height certificate issued, by a duly qualified vertinarian, according to the SAEF Veterinary
5.The completed passport must be mailed back to the SAEF – the SAEF will then issue the passport by
stamping/signing the ownership and identification page.
6.SAEF will mail the passport back to the owner of the horse.

Your assistance to distribute this information to all club members and finalize the registration process,
will be greatly appreciated. It will also be uploaded to our website.

Thank you
Kind regards

SA Equestrian Federation
E-mail :
Fax: 086 5437219