Dear Club Member,

The SAEF Gauteng Federation called for a meeting with the SAEF President to discuss matters going forward so that we could keep you, our members informed as well as obtain some feedback on the mandate given to our acting president.  As always there are many rumours and we wanted clarification from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.

  • None of the SAEF staff has been retrenched. However due to major budgetary constraints the staff were presented with letters asking for possible options to cut back on expenses for example, alternate funding for SAEF, reduced hours of work or should all else fail, possible retrenchment.
  • The SAEF office lease expires in July 2016 and the sub-letting of some of the space has been considered to reduce operational costs. Our acting president has negotiated a discount of 10% in the meantime.

.      The SAEF has made a decision to hand over to the SAEF legal team all organisations who owe the SAEF money. All attempts will be made to sort this out amicably but the legal team does have the mandate to take any action they feel is appropriate.

.     While SASCOC is frustrated with Equestrian, it still remains committed to the SAEF and the SAEF President is in regular contact with SASCOC

  • It has been agreed that the SAEF needs a centralised data system. Marlene du Plessis has offered the Horsesport system to the SAEF on a free 3 month try. This offer is with the legal team. In the meanwhile the FEI has offered the SAEF another free system which may be modified to suit all disciplines.

CLUB ACTION:   Clubs are to please to try and identify an independent, IT savvy person to attend the training on the FEI system. Costs of this training are to be for FEIs account.

  • The positions of President and treasurer of the SAEF National Federation are vacant. Please find the Nomination forms attached.
  • Only one nomination, accompanied by a short CV, per Club for each of the positions, should be sent to the Regional Committee secretary (Max 2 names per club, Minimum 0 names)
  • Should there be more than one nomination the Regional Committee will have to meet to vote on which nomination that region should put forward as each club is only able to put one nomination forward.



  • Clubs are also to submit nominations for Gauteng President and Vice President to the Regional secretary, Siobhan Records by FRIDAY 13th February at 12 noon.

Regional / District Committee Action:

  • The Regional Committee should vote and send only one nomination per Region for each of the above positions to the Gauteng secretary by no later than the 20th February at 12 noon.
  • The regional Committee must hold a SGM and ensure that their “provisional” constitutions are adopted.
  • The regional committee must obtain a bank account.
  • The regional committee must draft a budget and get it voted in by its clubs but this should take place under the guidance of the provincial committee.
  • Jason Riley will be sending out recommended constitutional changes as well as procedures early next week for distribution and discussion.

Angie Meredith



Johannesburg Metro Equestrian Region