Dear Dressage SA members …


 The Gauteng Dressage committee hereby notifies you that the National Exco Committee and your Gauteng Committee deeply regrets to inform you that it has been forced, due to circumstances beyond its control, to postpone the Gauteng DSA Challenge Qualifier this weekend.

All entrants and members are called upon instead to attend and support the meeting called by SASCOC on Sunday 22nd May 2016 at SASCOC house. Please be advised that Dressage SA has been under a sustained attack within SAEF for some considerable time, including attempts to destabilize its leadership. It has for example, been dragged into a dispute by another member that wants to offer dressage on a different basis to that which is allowed in Dressage SA’s rules.

Sascoc has been requested by SAEF acting President Eric Bianchi to intervene. We believe that this is our opportunity to stand up for what we believe in, which is fair competition and a strong belief in the classic sport of dressage.

We are the only discipline in SAEF to be sending any athletes to the Rio Olympics, which is just weeks away. We have done our bit – let’s show Sascoc that we care. We request that our membership attend in its entirety. This is your sport. Show Sascoc that WE CARE! Vote for an FEI Federation!

If you wish there to be any continuance of recognized and graded dressage competition in SA, please attend and support this Sunday.

We may not get another chance!!

Time: 10am, Sunday 22 May, 2016

Venue:     Sascoc House Olympic House

James and Ethel Grey Park

Athol Oaklands Road


Lat -26.135.261

Lon 28.067.109


For queries contact Elena Jankowitz, Gauteng President