To members of Kyalami Park Club & all SASJ members: It is two months to go until the 2016 Derby. We have closely inspected the Stubbs arena with a view to offering Derby classes in this arena for the 1:30 horses. Last year around 50 horses were entered in these events. A combination of factors including the drought, the interruption of our grey water supply, and wear and tear from last summer have left the arena in a condition that makes it unsuitable for jumping. It is unlikely that it will recover sufficiently in the time remaining until Derby.

The Stubbs arena is going to need a major overhaul to be suitable for future use. It requires leveling, invasive grasses to be removed, and new grass to be planted. This will be done as soon as funds become available.The option for the derby show this year is to offer 1:30 & 1.20m classes in the Peter Minnie arena which will include some Derby type jumps, providing this can be done whilst accommodating the requirements of the dressage and compleat horse. A decision will be taken as soon as possible.

Thanks Rogan Asken.